Photo shoot for Rubyrivet 2016SS visual

Last week I attended a photo shoot for Rubyrivet 2016 SS visual.
I had two concepts for this shoot; '70s Flower Garden' and '50s French Riviera'.
It was hard to find suitable locations for different scenes.
Especially It was so hard to recreate a full blown 'Rose Garden' in mid-winter.
I really impressed that a desolate branches and leaves changed into a beautiful rose garden.
I can't wait for finish of those photos and they are going to display in our Rubyrivet and BISES OPAQUE shop next month.
Thnx for visiting my blog.
I have an instagram account both Rubyrivet official and my personal.
If you have a time, please check out them!


Throwback Christmas 2015

I was wearing DreAng little black dress. 

Last weekend I had really fun time with my family in my house.
My hubby cooked roasted turkey and ordered pretty decoration cakes.
My lil girl was looking forward to this special Christmas day and I prepared adorable dress for her.
How was your Christmas holiday?
I'm sure you did have a wonderful day!


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