Saipan photo diary

My summer memory.
Last month, I went to Saipan with my hubby during our summer vacation.
This is my first visit, there were so beautiful greens and sea.
We stayed at awesome hotel 'Aqua Resort Club Saipan'.
The hotel has beautiful pool and beach, restaurants were so good.
I wanna go there again after my baby was born.


Classic blazer & new bag

blazer, top, bag, scarf; KariAng
shorts; DreAng
earrings, boots; topshop
sunnies; celine

Tweed blazer.
I was wearing new KariAng tweed blazer.
It was made by original Japanese fabric and the silhouette is perfect.
In Tokyo, fall is getting deeper and I'm enjoying new fall outfit.
But my stomach is getting bigger day by day.
Maybe I can't wear any pants soon...


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