Kimono outfit with my lil girl

We held Seven-Five-Three festival last week.
This festival is a Japanese traditional event to celebrate the healthy growth of children,
and this is for three and seven year-old girls and five year-old boys.
My little girl dressed up in adorable kimono.
I wore kimono too, and shoot lovely pics at the photo studio 'KINOSHITA' in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
After shoot, we went to the shrine and prayed her healthy growth.
My little girl's Kimono was really beautiful and pretty, so we took a lot of her pics.
Our commemorative pics are going to finish next month, I'll post them on my blog soon.
Can't wait!


Warm gray

parka; OKIRAKU
sweater; Rubyrivet
skirt; DreAng
heels; Alexander Wang
clutch; 3.1 Phillp Lim
necklace; Sabrina Dehoff

This autumn I adore same tone outfit.
I was wearing warm gray loose knit and long jersey parka.
My height is so short that clothes balance of length is important and my black accessories make my outfit be sharp.


Lately I started Instagram.
Please check out my pics at here !


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