My fav summer dresses in Sitges, Barcelona

1. decorative neck line, green dress; Matthew Williamson for H&M
2. tropical floral mini dress; alice + olivia
3. psychedelic pattern maxi dress; ZARA

During my summer vacation, I enjoyed wearing my some colorful dresses.
Usually, esp in Tokyo, the main color of my outfit is black.
I rarely wear vivid color and big pattern clothes.
The radiant sun, the bright blue sky and the lively sea breeze in Sitges inspired me to wear colorful dresses.
These are my fav summer dresses I bought last year.

Which dress do you love?

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Let's enjoy my blog from now on!
But I can't post on my blog for 10 days...
I have to go to London and Paris on business next week.
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New stuff bought during my vacation

1. Taller Antic tiny perfume bottle and earrings, Anframa necklace
2. ZARA silk cotton blouse and camel  leather long gloves
3. ZARA camel wedges
4. zamagni dark blown lace-up boots (I got them in Frankfurt airport shop)
5. Sarah's bag satin bow clutch and ZARA black leather long gloves
6. BILYFER matching watches with my hubby

Hi, it's been a long time. I just came back Tokyo today's morning.
My 1week holidays in Sitges, Spain was really great!!!
I and my hubby took sooo many awesome pics but I haven't finished checking all of them yet.
Now, I want to show you my new stuff.
I enjoyed shopping in Spain and Duty free shop in Frankfurt airport,
cause Japanese Yen was sooo strong during my trip!!


DreAng 2010FW; side frilly shorts

star tulle top, shorts,earring; DreAng
belt; I got in Korea
booties; Pierre Cardin
bag; Chloe
tulle bow pins; H&M

Frilly shoulder and shorts.
This shorts with lovely frills at the side is my favorite FW DreAng pants.
It's made of beautiful shiny fabric.
I matched this shorts with frilly tulle top on last year.

I'm gonna get DreAng FW new clothes and shoes at the end of Aug.
Esp I'm looking forward to getting new DreAng booties I've already ordered.

Well, after two days, I'm gonna leave Tokyo about a week.
I'm gonna stay at the beachside hotel in Sitges, Spain.

After my summer vacation, I have to go to London and Paris on business trip.

Wow, I can go back to my home in Tokyo only 4days...

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Red and black lace nails

I was wearing my design black dress...

Black lace on my nail.
They are my latest gel nails.
I love this combination of clear red and black lace.
This lace is a sticker for nails, and it is so popular nail goods in Japan.
I tried it for the first time, and I'm satisfied with this finish.
I changed my footnails,too.
They are matching my finger nails, aren't they?

BTW, I'm going to take summer vacation next week.
I'll stay Barcelona during 7days!!!
Can't wait next week and I'm looking forward to take many awesome pics in great view.


Windy riverside

silk red blouse; ZARA
denim shorts; RUEHL
booties; tory burch
bag; mom's vintage
shades; free people
headband; arranged plastic chains

Pleasant time.
One day, suddenly I thought about beautiful riverside and went to there.
This river streaming between Tokyo and Kanagawa is called 'Tama river' in Japanese.
The river was amazing beyond my imagination...beautiful grasses, refreshing wind.

I was born in Tokyo and I'm living there long time, but I don't know about Tokyo well yet.
If you visit Tokyo, maybe you must think it is sooo strange city.
I think Tokyo is a jumble, small, crowded city but safty, clean, stylish city.
I really love Tokyo...


Rock in Japan Fes, 2010

1,4. Main stage in Hitachi seaside park
2. Totoro with me. (This festival collabolate with studio Ghibli)
3. I was wearing American apparel jumpsuit and western boots.
5. Soda with vanila icecream in melon bowl.
6. Amazing sunset
7. The final fireworks

August 7, I went to Rock in Japan Fes in Hitachi seaside park, Ibaraki.
I and my friend enjoyed gigs by many Japanese famous bands.
We spent sooo exciting and hot time...actually, high temperature of this day was 37 deg!!!


Pop coral and sparkling gold nails

I was wearing Topshop black dress.

Sparkling third fingernail.
Recently, I've gotton into sweet coral nails.
But I don't like simply cute nails, I always add spices to my nails.
My favorite nail spices are...
gold glitter, silver and black foils on my third fingernail.

Btw, I did my footnails myself, too.
Pink glitter and black dots made a good combination.

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Braids hair and transparent blouse

lace blouse; DreAng
satin jumpsuit; heliopole
wedges; YSL
ethnic bag; mom's vintage
earring; Korean market
watch; nojes and e.m.

One beautiful sunny day,
I took it easy...
Walking near my house, eating yummy chinese lunch...and so on.
It was ordinary holiday but I felt relax and wonderful.
My transparent blouse decorated with soft frills is my favorite.
Since the muggy day continues in Tokyo, my long hair often irritates me.
I did my hair braid and updo myself.
How do you think about my hair arrangement?


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