My birthday dinner

I was wearing Fray i.d jumpsuit, Chanel bag and Chloe heels.

13 September was my birthday.
I had amazing dinner with my family at IL BUTTERO in Hiroo, Tokyo.
It was my first visit to this restaurant and I really regretted I've not been to there before.
The mood is awesome and all dishes were tasty, especially pasta was the best.
I'm thankful to my hubby and my wonderful life.



Photo diary of Yukata outfit

Pics of 1-6/ Roppongi Hills Bon Festival
Pics of 7-12/ Otori Shrine Summer Festival

This summer I went to some summer festivals wearing Yukata with my family.
These are my favorite pictures of my Yukata outfit.
Wearing Yukata is really fun for me, especially I love thinking about various combination of Yukata accessories; Obi, Obi tie, webbing and Ornamental hairpin.
I love Japanese Summer festival.
Summer is almost over in Japan, I'll really miss Summer.


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