2011FW KariAng Park Look Book

They are KariAng Park new outfits this FW.
Which photo do you love the best?

Please check out our official website... KariAng Park.jp

I already got the 6th dress. Can't wait for wearing it!

Have a great weekend!!  xxx


Dress up for my birthday dinner

dress; DreAng
necklace; tiffany, KariAng
shoes; Pretty Ballerinas
bag; chanel

My birthday anniversary.
September 13 is my birthday.
I went to amazing French dinner with my hubby last Sunday.
We enjoyed beautiful dishes and great time.

Now, I'm pregnant and 5 months.
I'm enjoying special days with my baby in my body!!

I'm going to Saipan tomorrow with my hubby.
Can't wait!!! 


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