Glittered jumpsuit

jumpsuit; DreAng
knit; ozoc
bag, shoes; KariAng
belt, watch; American Apparel
earrings; Korean market

Sunny, Shiny.
It is still cold in Tokyo, but sometimes the weather become nice and warm.
My jumpsuit interwoven with gold yarn glittered in the dazzling sunlight.
Also the pink fence behind me made a beautiful contrast with my black outfit.

By the way, I have a huge news about my job.
Can't wait for posting it on my blog!!



Happy 1st Birthday to my little girl

Stunning smile.
Today was my lovely daughter's 1st birthday, so we went to 'Precieux Studio(プレシュスタジオ)' in celebration of her birthday.
'Precieux Studio' is a photo studio using a small house for only babies and kids, it is in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
At first she seemed so nervous but she was in a good mood and made a pretty smile little by little.
I especially love the 2nd pic. Her dress and  sweet smile are really perfect.
We enjoyed her birthday shooting and I can't wait to arrive a book of these fabulous pics.


T Alexander Wang's red top

mouton jacket, denim shorts, leggings; KariAng
jersey red top; T Alexander Wang
boots; Logan
clutch; Zara

Attractive red.
Recently I got this awesome jersey red top.
Alexander Wang's jersey clothes are really perfect fabric, cut, and color.
Especially I adore T Alexander Wang's clothes, because they are reasonable prices and simple designs.
I was wearing my favorite KariAng mouton jacket and Logan short boots with it.
My black jacket made the red top stand out.



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