Oversized Parka

black long cardigan,belt; OZOC
printed top,dots skirt,triangle earring; KariAng
engineer boots; Hawkins

Looove this oversized parka...This is a men's wear but I'm wearing it as a coat.
I adore this loose silhouette and too big hood.
Do you think girls intentionally wearing a loose-fitting and untidy looks so cool?
I'm always designing party dresses for DreAng,but I love casual outfit,too.

In Tokyo, bad weather continue a few days...sooo cold and cloudy.
I need Sunshine!!!


ELLE girl Japan prom party

scarf; ZARA
jacket, bare-top, skirt, bag, jewerly, shoes; DreAng

I went to Elle girl Japan party on Saturday night.
My outfit was all DreAng!!!
Especially, I adore the shiny star pierce and necklace...I bought them in Korean jewerly market.
I'm going to make a business trip to Korea next month.
I'm looking forward to buying many jewelry for Dreang 2010FW exhibition.

Thanks for many loooovery comment and followers!
I wanna to reply all your comment, but I can't ...sorry, I'm busy my job!!
If you want to reply right away, please mail me; sayakablack@gmail.com
My blog followers are almost 50 members...
If my followers become over 100 peoples, I intend to tell my Japanese friends and fellows about my blog.
Please follow my blog and ENJOY!


Asakusa with Red

Kappabashi is Japanese traditional shopping arcade.
There are soooo many kitchenware and sundries...

A fake-food shop; All artificial foods, not real.
In Japan, these fake-foods were displayed the entrance of restaurants.

Taiyaki hot plate

Sensoji Kaminarimon

Ningyo-yaki (Japanese sweets) and my red nails

I adore Japanese traditional Red.
This collor called 朱色Shu-iro)in Japanese.
It's used Torii(gateway at the entrance to shrine) and Japanese soup bowl.

Jacket, Red belt; DreAng
Dots shirt; BLACK comme des garcons
Dress; ZARA
Shoes; Rogan
Bag; Rose bad


Sunny holiday; as if Alice

Antique funiture shop; GEOGRAPHICA and Itarian restaurant; IL LEVANTE
1-25-20 Nakacho Meguro-ku Tokyo, JAPAN

Small shrine near my house; Shimizu Inari shrine
Inari (稲荷, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami of Shinto. Inari is foxes.

The woods in the neighborfood; Rinshinomori park
There are so many trees and plants in this park. I often go walking in the park.

Look at my lovely cardigan...tiny alice embroidery and  small tea pot and cups buttons!!

DreAng back ruffled skirt; the front side is simple, but the buck is beautiful ruffles...

Alice cardigan, Stripe top; SLY
Back ruffle skirt; DreAng

It was beautiful sunny day in Tokyo.
I went for a stroll near my house...with tiny Alice.
I feel soooo happy!!!


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