New hairstyle and jeweled beige nails

dress; DreAng
cardigan; Growgenic
headdress; loves.charms

big volume and twinkle middle finger.
I changed my hairstyle and gelnails last weekend.
I tried asymmetry bangs and retro volume curl.
And my new hair color is reddish dark brown.
I was wearing awesome headdress by loves.charms.
Their accessories are all elaborate handmade.

My new nails are simple nude beige.
I decorated my middle fingernails with various stones and beads.


Fluffy hat and colorful jeweled leggings

printed tunic; KariAng
jeweled leggings; Peach John
mouton hat; mom's vintage
boots; zamagni
bag; vintage (topshop)
earring; souvenir from Korea

Fluffy and twinkling.
I love my mom's vintage hat and jeweled leggings I got recently.
This mouton fur is so fluffy and warm.
This season I adore those natural brown fur stuff.
And I was wearing KariAng loose dolman jersey tunic.
This silhouette is perfect; desides this material is sooo soft and comfortable.

By the way, this is the last post that I was long hair....
I went to my fab hair salon this weekend and I've cut my hair about 10cm!!!
I'm gonna post about my new hairstyle few days after. 
See you next post!!


Fringed scarf and leather knit boots

scarf; sly
lace dress; DreAng
boots; gianni barbato
earring; Topshop

Knit Knit Knit.
Loose knits are remarkable fashion item this autumn.
I was wearing fringed loose knit scarf like a poncho.
and I matched leather knit boots and legwarmers with fringed scarf.
Leather knit material is sooo rare and I adore this retro brown color.

By the way, I wanna cut my hair recently.
I'm gonna go to hair salon and change my hair style on Saturday...Can't wait!!!


Late summer festival and chiffon dress outfit

vest; KariAng
chiffon dress, earring; Topshop
boots; Andre
bracelet; monica vinader

Gaily Japanese festival.
The end of summer, I went to Japanese traditional festival at the Shinto shrine near my house.
I enjoyed eating some snacks, sweets and playing Japanese traditional game 'Katanuki'.
'Katanuki'  means `cutting out the shape` in English.
You try to cut out the sweets plate into the shape of some pattern; flower, bird or sailboat and so on.
If you can cut out the shape without breaking it, you can get a little prize money.
I did it perfectly and I got 120 yen, haha!!

I was wearing Topshop printed pattern dress.
I really love this pattern and silhouette.
I wanted to wear more summer dresses but an autumn flaver is coming...


Autumn military outfit

jacket; trans continents
shirt; KariAng
jodhpurs; ato
scarf; Kiliwatch vintage
boots; zamagni

my fav studded army jacket.
This jacket I was wearing is my fav design.
I designed it about 5 years ago and it's my unforgettable jacket.
I wrote in some studs one by one on a pattern for the jacket...
This work needed much time and patience.
So, I cherish this old jacket and wear it every year.
I matched this jacket with the vintage scarf I bought in Paris and jodhpurs.
My old jacket became 'latest' by combination with new trend stuff.


Milky turquoise nails

tunic; SLY
earring; TOPSHOP

New color gel nails.
I longed for turquoise nails, but I couldn't find for a long time. 
Recently I found this awesome colors on the web store.
This milky turquoise gel have great colors and gloss.

If you have a time, please check out my another nail designs...CLICK HERE <3

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sheer blouse outfit in Sitges, Barcelona

sheer blouse; ZARA
bratop; DreAng
shorts; Levis red
bag; DRESS33
shoes; KariAng
bangle; zucca
shades;  free people

Black transparent blouse.
I took these outfit pics in Sitges, Barcelona during my summer vacation.
I was wearing my fav zara sheer blouse and new KariAng patent shoes.
This is my typical outfit.
I love the black combination of different textile or texture;
soft silk black, spangle black, and shiny patent  leather black...

Do you love Black ?


New YSL bag at retro amusement park

blouse, earrings; TOPSHOP
shorts; DreAng
scarf; vintage Dior (Kiliwatch)
shades; Chanel
bag; Yves saint laurent
boots; Andre

YSL muse two camel bag.
Hi, I'll show you my new awesome bag.
A few months ago, I found this bag in the magazine so I've been crazy about it.
It's not too much to say that it's the most wanted stuff for me this autumn.
Finally I got it at Printemps Paris last month.

I took my outfit pics at Hanayashiki in Asakusa, Tokyo.
Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan.
All attractions in the park are very retro and cute!!!

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2011SS KariAng+DreAng shooting


KariAng + DreAng image shoot for 2011SS Ad.

These are the backstage pics I took a few days ago.
The brilliant crews were assembled to the shooting for our brand.
I was excited and enjoyed watching such a awesome shooting!!
I wanna show you these amazing photos asap, but it's a industrial secrets.
Our 2010SS collection is going to show in our exhibition on the end of this month.
Can't wait!!!!


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