Kyoto photo diary

Lovely Kyoto.
I went to Kyoto from Tuesday to Wednesday this week.
Our new shop opened  on 27 April in Kawaramachi, Kyoto.
New shop design is really great and I enjoyed Kyoto short trip.
I visited Yasaka shrine and awesome goods shops in Kyoto.

I was wearing DreAng leather jacket, KariAng oversized stripe knit and jersey maxi dress.
Jersey maxi dress is really comfortable.

Thnx for your sweet comment, guys.
I read all comments but I can't reply to them because I'm soooo busy recently.
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Sheer shirt and maxi skirt

mesh shirt; American Apparel
camisole; Zara
maxi skirt; DreAng
wedges; YSL
and...Mango sunnies, my mom's vintage bag, topshop earrings, H&M/ zucca/ monica vinder bracelet

Beautiful transparency.
One peaceful sunny day, I was wearing sheer mesh shirt and chiffon maxi skirt.
Especially I love new black maxi skirt, it is really beautiful drape and soft fabric.
Now, in Tokyo, the weather is so mild and a kindly spring breeze is blowing.
I want to take more pics of my outfit and enjoy spring outfit.

By the way, I'm going to Kyoto on Tuesday. It's soooo exciting.
Our new shop is going to open at Kyoto Marui on Wednesday.
Can't wait for seeing our new shop and beautiful scenery in Kyoto!!


Milky pink and peppermint nails

tiffany ring, YSL sandals

Spring mood in nails.
My latest nails are in full swing with spring mood.
I'm obsessed with milky gelnail colors.
Milky peppermint green is really pretty, isn't it?
I did my foot gelnails by myself for the first time this year.
I enjoyed wearing sandals with bare foots.


Latest hairdo and red nails

sheer blouse; DreAng
denim pants; KariAng
heels; miumiu
belt, watch; American Apparel
bag; my mom's vintage
sunnies; Mango
earrings; F21
bracelets; H&M, monica vinader

Spring warm colors.

Mellow pink cherry blossoms,

Nude pink transparent blouse,

Clear red nails with silver studs,

and Brownish orange hair with blond highlights.

I dyed my hair last Saturday, the color is perfect.
Especially I've obsessed with the blond highlights along my neck.

The mid-spring Tokyo is full of beautiful warm colors.

But aftershocks have been continuing almost every day in Japan.
I hope the disaster become ends soon and wanna spend our peaceful daily life in Tokyo.


Early SAKURA season

robe; topshop
embroidery dress, clutch, pendant; KariAng
lace necklace; DreAng
leather bangle; Hermes
shoes; zamagni

Cherry buds.
I took those pics about 10days ago, before my Seoul business trip.
The day the buds of cherry blossoms were beginning to open up.
Now, beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo.

My black outfit glowing in the soft spring sunshine,
and I adore the contrast of my glossy black robe and pale pink cherry buds.

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Retro marine outfit and nude nails

printed tee; KariAng
cardigan, bag; Muji
pants; DreAng
belt, watch; American Apparel
shoes; zara
vintage scarf; kiliwatch
studded bow; loves.charms

Vintage marine mood.
One beautiful sunny day, I went to the Shiba park, Tokyo.
This park is located near the Tokyo Tower and has a really fine view.
I was wearing new DreAng navy trousers with two tucks and folded cuffs.
The reverse of cuffs is attached fine lace and it's so lovely.
And I arranged a simple canvas bag with vintage scarf and bow tie.

Recently I didn't post my new gelnail designs.
The last photo is my latest gelnails; nude beige french with gold line and stars.
I'm obsessed into soft color nails and tiny star decoration.


New straw bag

loose top; Korean market
maxi skirt; mango
boots; andre
headdress; American Apparel
bag, earrings; KariAng
bracelet; scooter

New in.
I got this KariAng handbag last month.
It's just good for my classic outfit.
I love the contrast of the white strap and glossy black face.

By the way, I'm going to Seoul, South Korea on business trip on Tuesday.
I'll check out many Korean markets and buy accessories for next autumn.
See you next Friday guys!!!


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