Waist conscious outfit

chambray bustier, bracelet, earring; DreAng
loose boy's T-shirt; American Apparel
denim shorts; sly
wedges; Giuseppe Zanotti
pochette; Korean market
shades; quayeyeware australia

Loose and tight.
Last Sunday, I walked around Jiyugaoka, Meguro, Tokyo.
This town is regarded as highly fashionable.
The answers to the question what makes Jiyugaoka so special are the quantity of shops,
their unique goods and the fashionable atmosphere.
I live close to this town and often go shopping with my hubby.
There are many favorite shops in Jiyugaoka, always I can find awesome stuff.
We dropped in the Japanese cafe and ate Kakigori (shaved ice topped with flavored syrup) .
Kakigori is the most popular dessert in Japanese summer season.

I was wearing lovely DreAng bustier and AA loose t-shirt.
I adore this combination of tight and loose silhouette, hard and soft fabric.


Black and shiny dots nails

jumpsuit, headband; American Apparel
polka dots mesh top; DreAng
ring, necklace; tiffany

Sparkling dots.
I tried the black nails studded with silver round-foils.
I always do my gel nails myself.
This design was so difficult, but I think my nails had a so lovely finish.

By the way, I was wearing a new jumpsuit and headband that I got today.
I'm hooked on them already and I wanna wear them tomorrow, too!!

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New hair color in the dazzling sunlight

camisole; MUJI
tanktop; haute hippie nude
skirt; Lelativement
shades; miumiu
bag; rosebad
bracelet, sandals; DreAng

Light brown, asymmetry long.
Last Saturday I went to the hair salon and changed my hair.
Cut my bangs, right side and dyed greenish light brown.
Usually my hair style is straight long, but I love doing curl my hair with the curl iron.

We have had a long spell of  the rainy season, finally it has ended last week.
Tokyo became a hot midsummer!!!
As the sunlight was sooo hot, I was wearing the soft jersey tanktop and the mellow color skirt.
Does it looks a bit cooler?
I hate Japanese midsummer because it's really muggy, but I love the dazzling sunlight.
I wanna go to Barcelona soon...I'm gonna go to there in August!!


Japanese festival and Yukata outfit

I was wearing Yukata with...
THOMAS WYLDE  skull scarf
DreAng moon shaped pin
Topshop earring
Albertario clatch

Yukata is a light cotton Kimono for summer wear.
It is used for general relaxation and as sleeping wear.
Yukata is also commonly worn at some summer events such as local festivals and fireworks displays.

Last Friday, I went to the Japanese festival 'Mitama Matsuri' at Yasukuni Shrine with my hubby.
There were sooo many people and booth that was sold foods, drinks and Japanese snack and so on.
I'm wearing the tradirional pattern printed Yukata, but I added special arrangement to my waist.
Thomas wylde scarf and DreAng pin are my favorite Yukata spices.

I spent sooo exciting and happy night!!!!


Colorful holiday outfit

tanktop; L.G.B
knit skitt; DreAng
sneakers; Diesel
bag; DRESS33
shades; free people

Last weekend, I went to my parent's home for my dad's birthday party.
It's beautiful sunny day, I wanted to wear the colorful skirt.
My DreAng knit skirt has three colors and striped frill.
I never wear sneakers on weekdays,but I wear them when I want to relax on holidays.
A pair of golden sneaker was sparkling in the sunlight.
This is so casual outfit, but I really love the balance of all stuff that I'm wearing.

Recently the black spangled bag is my favorite one...Sorry, I've just featured this bag at the last post!!!


The cycling outfit featuring shiny shoulder and bag

shoulder fringe top; DreAng
jersey jodhpurs; ato
spangle bag; DRESS33
wedges; moussy
cap; generic brand
leather bangle; HERMES
shades; free people

Sparkling shoulder and bag.
Recently I love cycling near my house.
Especially it is the great pleasure that runs down the slope with feeling the early summer wind.
During my cycling way  I stop in the cafe, antique furniture shop and parks.
There are many awesome shops and parks around my home!!
My foil printed shoulder and spangled bag become more shiny reflecting the sunlight.
This top is my design, and I love the shoulder design; black fringe and gold foil printed...

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