Chanel red addict

black jeasey dress; L.G.B
wedges; moussy
headband; my honey bee
gold bangle; zucca
black bangle; korean market

Adorable RED.
I'm wearing chanel limited lipstick 'PREMIER ROUGE' and Dior Addict 'ULTRA GLOSS REFLECT 757'.
I got this lipstick a long time ago, but I've never met beautiful red than it.
Dior red gloss that recently I bought  matches well with chanel red.

I took these pics by selftimer.
My hubby, my only special photographer is away on business a week ago.
A lazy girl left in Tokyo was wearing a simple black dress and new wedges...


Ruffled bare dress and special Itarian dinner

bare dress; DreAng
jersey biker jacket; KariAng
boots; Rogan
Bag; Chloe

June 22 is special day for me.
Two years ago, on this day, I married!!!
I went amazing Itarian restaurant 'LA BISBOCCIA' with my hubby.
This restaurant is authorized by the Italian Government.
All dishes are perfect, especially my recommendation is parmigiano cheese risotto!!
(I completely forgot to take picture of risotto,because I was crazy about eating! lol)

I was wearing DreAng ruffled bare dress.
To tell the truth, this dress is back ruffled long skirt.
This is my original ouftit.

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Image drawing; 2011 Resort

I chose and drew the three best looks from 2011 Resort collection.

Third is Erin Fetherston
I adore this beige satin blouse with big bow! 
Super skinny pants is awesome silhouette and lovely blue color.
At first sight,this outfit is rather simple, but it's a perfect combination.

Second is Yves Saint Laurent
I'd love to wear this beautiful white dress.
Especially I like the side ruffle design and narrow red belt.

The best look is LANVIN!!!
I really love all LANVIN's outfit in Resort collection.
And all pics are fabulous!!! What a awesome lighting and contrast in the photo.
Positively, their dresses are attractive and perfect design.

All 2011 Rst photos via style.com and all pics were drawn by sayablack
Please check out and tell me about your favorite look!! 


Black and White nails

satin black dress; Duras Ambient
lace necklace; DreAng
rings; tiffany, ete

I tried new gel nails, painted black and white colors one after the other.
Especially, I love my thumb stripe nail.
My nails look like piano keyboards.
I was wearing my favorite black dress...beautiful silk satin fabric and simple bare design.

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Japanese classic wedding party and my modern outfit

dress, jacket, earring; DreAng
clutch; Duras Ambient
bow pumps; Elaesfo Espolifo
flower headdress; handmade by myself

Last Saturday, my friend's wedding party was held at HILLTOP hotel in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.
There is a beautiful, classic church near the hotel.
The roof of church is glassed in, and warm sunlight brightened.
My friend was wearing beautiful dress.
Especially her back style was perfect, big bow on her back is so gorgeous!!
Generally, in Japan, the bride changes her outfit while the party.
Most of the brides change the white wedding dress for another color dress.
Few brides change into traditional Kimono outfit.
My friend appeared changing her dress for amazing red Kimono!
I was impressed with the beauty of her outfit, and she looks soooo happy<3

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