Randam red and nails

I love hot red.
These pics about 'red' are my favorite stuff.
Especially I adore my red nails with strawberries.
Red is special color for me, it's lively, glamorous, chic, gorgeous.
I ordered new red hall stand two weeks ago.
It is remake from antique furniture in the 1900's.
I'm gonna place it in my living room.
Can't wait for arriving it and posting it on my blog!!


Louboutin wedges

loose top; bought at select shop in Seoul
shorts; KariAng
scarf; American Apparel
wedges; Christian Louboutin

New Louboutin wedges.
I got awesome wedges at Shinjuku Isetan in the beginning of this year.
They are perfect silhouette, especially I adore the heel design.
I wanted to wear them barefoot but Tokyo is still cold, I was wearing gray knit socks and tights.
Can't wait for wearing them in spring and summer season!!


Beaded headband and tweedy scarf

leather jacket; DreAng
laceup knit; Dolce&Gabbana
jersey skirt; hard tail
headband; SAMPO accessories market, Seoul
tweedy scarf; Barcony and Bed
earrings; tifferny
bag; Chloe
boots; zamagni

Thick and uneven.
I got the headband in Korean accessories market at the beginning of this month.
It was studded with fine beads like shiny silver shells.
I adore this material; silver beads and black satin and thickness.
Everyday I feel cold, so I wrap various thick scarves; tweed, jacquard, cashmere, etc.
I love collecting warm and lovely scarves.
I think everyone wearing bulky and fluffy scarf looks so cuuuute!!!


Blue nails and art frames

Vivid Blue.
I got a new gelnail color. This blue is a bit transparent like deep sea.
I decorated a root of my nail with a red stone. (Sorry, I couldn't take a pic well.)
These pics were taken in front of my fav pic frames at my living room.
They are so adorable and I selected three lovely pictures for them.

Pink frame with Munch 'The scream'
White frame with Warhol 'Marilyn'
Black frame with Lichtenstein 'R-R-R-R-RING'


Classic coat and up hair

coat; MUJI
skirt, neckwarmer, booties; DreAng
earrings; I got at Korean market
shades; miumiu
bag; chanel
gloves; ZARA

Classic addict.
I got this cape coat on the end of last year.
The coat was really low-price, but I adore this classic silhouette and fabric.

I love my knit headband, too. The knitted floral decoration is cute, isn't it?
Recently I'm tired of doing curl my long hair, so I did up and braid.

In Tokyo, beautiful sunny winter continue every day.
I love this clear weather, but I wanna wear spring clothes ASAP!!!

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I'm looking forward to see you on there.


Deep black, fur and star nails

fur coat; the closet
booties; DreAng
shades; miumiu
and... hoss jeweled pins, tiffany earrings & ring, AA belt, YSL bag, Lanvin earmuffs

Black Fur and Stars.
My latest gelnail design is transparent beige nails decorated with black stars.
Look at the top of my nails, I drew a superfine gold line on the edge of my nails. 
I tried classic outfit to match my nails. 
I love my black curly fur lamb coat, chic and gorgeous.

Would you love to see more my nail designs?
...Please click 'Nails' tab on my blog categories.


Knit layered legs

coat, jersey top; KariAng
knit tunic; filly o' lynx
bag, hat; my mom's vintage
belt; American Apparel
gloves; zara
boots; gianni barbato

Glittery knit and loose legs.
Hi, I came back to Tokyo from Seoul, Korea last night.
As Seoul was soooo cold and freezing all day, I caught a bad cold.
I was tired, but enjoyed yummy Korean foods and buying jewelry in Korean market.

Well, I shot these pics last month before I go to Seoul.
Tokyo was so warm and sunny, the maple leaves were turned into beautiful red.
I was wearing glittery knit tunic, grayish knit leggings and leg warmers.
I love my knit layered outfit.


Fluffy earmuffs and maxi stripe dress

jacket; DreAng
dress; KariAng
boots; rogan
rings; e.m.
earmuffs; Lanvin
clutch; sarah's bag

Fluffy big earmuffs.
Hi, guys. It's my first new year's post.
The first outfit 2011, Kariang stripe dress and DreAng grayish leather jacket!!!
Both of them are my fav and often worn.
Every winter when Tokyo become cold, I take fox fur earmuffs out of my wordrobe.
Fluffy earmuffs are necessary for winter season!!

What are you guys doing for new years?
I'm going to Korea for buying some jewerly for 3days on Jan 5.
Maybe Seoul is colder than Tokyo, I must pack some warm stuff.

See you next week...xoxo


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