Quiet Roppongi

jacket; KariAng
loose top, watch; American Apparel
skirt; DreAng
wedges; christian louboutin
bag; DRESS33
earrings; topshop

Lately Tokyo is really quiet with shortage of electricity.
I went to Roppongi by bus and train with my hubby and I was so surprised there isn't crowded than usual.
I've never seen such a gloomy Tokyo in my life.
But I never feel so bad, I enjoy quiet and tender Tokyo life.
I was wearing new spring clothes, I adore the loose army jacket.
I tried to do volume wavy hair by myself and my hair had a nice finish.


Cloudy Ginza

coat; muji
blouse; zara
pants; KariAng
scarf; kiliwatch vintage
bag; YSL
boots; andre

Old and Modern.
There are many amazing structures on the periphery of Ginza, Tokyo.
Especially I love old and modern architecture that was built from the Imperial Palace to Ginza station.
How about those backgrounds in my photos?

I was wearing  woolen coat and silk cotton embroidery blouse like vintage clothes.
I enjoyed walking around the Imperial Palace with the classic outfit.


Frilly jacket and pants

jacket, pants; DreAng
shirt; BLACK comme des garcons
boots; zamagni
sunnies; celine

Perfect jacket.
After all, I love monochrome outfit.
I was wearing side frilly jacket and pants.
Especially I'm obsessed with the jacket, it suits me perfectly.
And my polka dots shirt goes with the jacket.
This year, current color is soft and pale tone; camel, beige and dusty pink.
But sometimes I have an urge to wear black clothes, they are really CHIC.


Early cherry blossoms

jacket; OZOC
floral shirt, shorts, KariAng
beaded tank; DreAng
shoes; Gucci
bag; YSL
shades; miumiu

Mellow pink.
Hi, Tokyo has still many serious problems by big earthquake.
It is no use feeling gloomy about the future, so I'll post new lovely photos in Tokyo.

I took those pics about 10days ago before earthquake.
It was so warm and beautiful sunny spring day, I had found early cherry blossoms were in bloom.
I was surprised at them because cherry blossoms are usually in bloom on early April.

I was wearing new pretty floral shirt and camel shorts.
I adore those color combination of mellow pink and chic camel.


My lovely Tokyo

Pray for Japan.
As you might know, Japan was hit by a big earthquake on Friday March 11, 2011.
Especially the greater part of the Tohoku area has been affected by tsunami.
I got so many anxious comments on my blog and twitter.
Thnx so much for your kindness.
My hometown Tokyo had almost few damage. I and my family are safe.
But deep sadness is surrounding us and we hope for early recovery in disaster area.

Those are my looovely Tokyo photos.
I wish to get back all Japanese safety and happy life ASAP !!!


monochrome outfit in beautiful sunshine

leather jacket, booties, DreAng
knit top, side fringed dress, leggings; KariAng
shades; celine
bag; vintage topshop

Blue, Gray, Black.
Such a beautiful blue sky and sunshine.
One day when I strolled near my house, I had found a dilapidated factory.
This background is so melancholy and artistic.
I was wearing smoky gray leather jacket, loose sweater and black striped leggings.
I adore the contrast of clear sky with my monochrome outfit.


The first wind of spring

jacket; KariAng
dress, shoes; Zara
fur vest; goa
belt; american apparel
shades; celine
earrings, beaded clutch; Korean market

Spring dress.
Last Sunday I went to the beautiful park near my house.
The wind was so wild but warm and lively.
I was wearing my favorite nude beige silk crepe dress.
The dress looks very soft and feminine.
I'm obsessed with those beautiful laces and pin-tucked seams.


New shop; KariAng Park

New shop information.
Our shops 'KariAng Park' have opened one after another this spring.
We have 16 'KariAng Park' shops in Japan.
New shop interior design is stunning and perfect. I really love those shops.
If you have a opportunity to come to Japan, please visit our shops and enjoy shopping.

* Shibuya Marui JAM 2F     Jinnan, Shibuya-ku 1-22-6
* Yurakucho Marui 4F          Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku 2-7-1
Shinjuku Marui 4F              Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 3-30-13
* Shinjuku Isetan 2F              Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 3-14-1
* Shinjuku Lumine2 2F          Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku 3-38-2
Ikebukuro Seibu 3F            Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku 1-28-1

KariAng Park official web site (sorry, Japanese only..but you can see some inspirations.)


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