Beautiful cherry blossom in Tokyo.

jacket, cardigan; Rubyrivet
jersey top; Alexander Wang
skirt; H&M
shades; Rayban
sneakers; NIKE

I go cherry blossom viewing in Shinjuku Gyoen, Tokyo with my family every spring.
This year cherry blossoms weren't full bloom yet, but this park is really clean and beautiful.
Especially I love the well-kept Japanese traditional pond, it looks like a big beautiful painting.
We enjoyed walking around and taking a rest in the park.
I was wearing a new jacket, comfortable jersey top and skirt.
The jacket is my best design for this spring, because this cut and fabric are really perfect.
I wanna wear this jacket everyday!


Leopard jacket and messy up hairdo.

leopard jacket, jeans, earrings; KariAng
sweater; Rubyrivet
shoes; miumiu
vintage bag; topshop

Last Saturday it was little cold in Tokyo, so I wear leopard short down jacket.
My miumiu flat metallic pointed toe shoes I got last year are really lovely and they are one of my favorite shoes.
The combination of lined socks and mannish flat shoes is awesome, isn't it?
My messy permed hair is becaming fit me and I often do my hair up effortlessly.
I put vivid color nail polish on my little girl's nails only weekend.
Her colorful nails were matching my nail color and she look so delightful.


Effortless outfit and nearby cafe lunch.

cardigan; KariAng
dress; DreAng
boots; Marc by Marc Jacobs

I really love to spend relaxing holiday with my family near my house.
Luckily there are many awesome restaurants and cafes in our neighborhood.
'Anea Cafe' is one of my favorite cafe.
We were chilling out at the cafe and having yummy lunch.
Especially their pancake is perfect look and delicious.
My little girl loves the strawberry pancake, so she looks really happy when she eats it.
I was wearing cozy loose cardigan, fine lace dress and massive boots.
I adore the combination of feminine dress and tough boots.


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