DreAng spring collection in GISELe magazine

These are all DreAng stuff!!
GISEle (Japanese fashion magazine) is released today.
I looove all pics. This model is so cute and gorgeous!!
Especially I adore polka dots and satin layered dress and stripe jersey dress.
Which of DreAng dresses do you love?


  1. OH WOW~ That's why I love Japan fashion so much!! I love all the pieces/dresses here, is hard for me to pick just one favorite :P... the polka dots layered satin dress is so pretty and so are the white one with black lining dress!!... the lace dress is in perfect shade of blush which I love and collect a lot!!... love all the polka dots pieces, and the strapless vest on the bottom left corner is something I would love to try!

    Everything is so well designed(did you design all the dresses, but sadly I can't find something like these in US.

  2. I like the editorial! I love the white shiny dress with black detailing around the neck. The bag and the shoes are SO cute!

  3. Yummy fashion spead. Pokka dots are in right and ultra cool. this trand seem to come back every 5 years, but it's okay with me!

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  4. Wow,great job,congratulations.I love all of your clothes and the model is indeed gorgeous.I like the electric blue dress the most
    Tokyo and Seoul Dreams

  5. I love japan magazines and fashion soooooo much.
    I can't peack just one dress, I want all them.


  6. I agree, the model is great! I adore that first blue polka dot dress, I'd definitely be having that!


  7. Very cute and stylish line! My favorite dress would have to be the black and white striped dress with the ruffled stripes at the waist.

  8. Namie Amuro looks great on the gisele cover



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