KariAng Park 2011SS Exhibition

KariAng Park 2011SS Exhibition
26 - 29 Oct, 2010
at Moda Politica, Omote-sando, Tokyo

Last month, our exhibition was held for 4 days.
'KariAng Park' is our new shop that is going to open next spring.
 We announced this amazing project in our exhibition.
 Actually, we have two brands 'KariAng' and 'DreAng'.
KariAng is a casual wear brand and DreAng is a formal dress line.
We have 14 KariAng shops and 6 DreAng shops in Japan,
but they had been managed by each other company until now.
From September, two companies was merged and became one company.
Now, I design clothes of both brands and enjoy my work!!

KariAng Park exhibition was a great success and I met sooo many awesome guests.
I wanna show you more details in the exhibition, but they are industrial secrets.
Can't wait to show you our next SS collection!!


  1. those pictures are very inspiring and beautiful.
    thank you for sharing.

  2. I love how the mannequins are lined up like that! The set up looks great and so inviting!

  3. awesome blog, keep it up!
    come visit the revamped COSMICaroline and see an in-depth look at Nashville's Fashion Week!


  4. Oooh, this looks like fun. :)


  5. Isn't it hard to design for two brands? I am guessing it's really satisfying though. Wish I could be in your shoes. :D Great exhibition, best of luck in the future!



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