My lovely Tokyo

Pray for Japan.
As you might know, Japan was hit by a big earthquake on Friday March 11, 2011.
Especially the greater part of the Tohoku area has been affected by tsunami.
I got so many anxious comments on my blog and twitter.
Thnx so much for your kindness.
My hometown Tokyo had almost few damage. I and my family are safe.
But deep sadness is surrounding us and we hope for early recovery in disaster area.

Those are my looovely Tokyo photos.
I wish to get back all Japanese safety and happy life ASAP !!!


  1. tokyo is so stunning! i've always wishes to go there one day! and i will definitely do.

    i hope that this nightmare is ending soon!

  2. Hi! your pictures are beautiful! I cannot believe at what has happened to your country...the news are showing shocking images and I am speechless.
    Glad to hear you are safe, if you need for anything, just let me know, ok? ylenialessio@yahoo.co.uk

    sending all my love

  3. Hello! Just want to say that my prayers are with you, your family and the people of Japan. Keep safe! Take care.

    candid phobic

  4. wonderful post <3

    love the pics! <3 to japan!


  5. I'm so happy you and your family were not badly effected!! I'm praying for Japan and so is many people around the world. These pictures are amazing. Love Sia x

  6. Im so glad that nothing happend to you and your family.

    But still im so sorry for those people and families and children :(((

    its horrible



  7. Ooooh, Honey! I am glad that you and your family are in safety.

    Take care!

  8. Your pictures are so beautiful! I love Tokyo and all of Japan and hope that everything gets better very quickly for everyone living there. The news and video footage of the disaster are truely heartbreaking. I wish you the best.


  9. I'm so glad you updated, I was worried and checking your blog and am glad you're safe and hopefully no home damage. Tokyo, and Japan as a whole for that matter, is a beautiful place. Please stay safe and also rest from time to time. I watch NHK World every day, almost every hour, watching the situation. I wish the disaster would finally fully stop so rebuilding can begin. My heart goes out.

  10. So glad that you and your family are okay. Japan is in my prayers.

  11. I wish so too. I hope it will be alright from now on. Tokyo really is a beautiful city and it would be a shame if mother nature destroys it. Beautiful pictures!:)



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