Blue sky and skirt

jacket, printed top, tanktop; KariAng
skirt; zara
belt, watch; American Apparel
sandals; sergeo rossi
sunnies; miumiu
earrings; yoshiko creation paris

Summer mood.
In Tokyo, it became completely early summer.
I strolled through Jiyugaoka streets with my family one day during the consecutive holidays.
It was so hot that I was wearing light jersey jacket and blue mini skirt.
I really love this outfit, but these pics are not so good because I have gained weight 6.6 lbs by my pregnancy.
I wanna be more slim!!


  1. You look beautiful! I love the blue Zara miniskirt and the KariAng tank top with the words "pitch yourself" printed on it. I think all of the photos are wonderful and love how you look in them.

  2. I think you look gorgeous! Your hair looks fabulous...I've been away from your blog for too long!



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