Beautiful Lights in Meguro Gajoen

tanktop; American Apparel
fluid skirt; Rubyrivet
KariAng bag, Capri Italy thongs and Anni Jurgenson earcuff

I went an awesome exhibition at 100 steps stairways in Meguro Gajoen, Tokyo.
There were 12 kinds of beautiful Japanese Lights and many traditional paintings.
Especially Hokusai's UKIYOE paintings that were lit up with stunning lights made a deep impression on us.
Meguro Gajoen is a good example of the architecture of the early Showa period in Japan.
I really love their work ;  window frames carved in wood, fine Japanese paintings on the ceiling and wall.
I was wearing American Apparel skinny tank and Rubyrivet cotton full skirt.
Beautiful fluid silhouette matched their photogenic backgrounds. 

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