Miniture BONSAI

I bought a mini-Bonsai last weekend.
Bonsai is Japanese traditional pot plant. It is the art of growing trees in containers.
Traditonal Bonsai is about 50 centimeters in height, but now, there is more little size one.
Old-style Bonsai is popular with eldry people.
Lately mini-Bonsai is a hot trend for interior.

My mini-Bonsai is plant a pine tree and moss. I think it's so lovely!!

My outfit......dress: DreAng

Bonsai shop; 花坊主 Hanabouzu
1-4-9 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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  1. haha i love bonasais

    your nail art is really cool!!

    please feel free to give my blog a look =]




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