Sweet chocolate temptation

Today is St.Valentine's Day
In Japan, women give a chocolate to a boyfriend, girl friends, and coworkers.
I bought some chocolates at Shinjyuku ISETAN.
Many kinds of fashionable and cute chocolates were sold at department stores and supermarkets. 

Jean Paul Hevin; I always bought this brand. This year's Valentine chocolates were so cute !!
These chocolate were printed lovely hearts and lips <3

BABBI; There are many cute wrapping cocolates in a red heart-shaped pouch.


  1. i think if i ever go to japan again, i'll definitely go broke buying all the lovely stuff there!

    even the chocs look soooo pretty!

  2. Women give chocolate to their boyfriend? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Those chocolates are adorable especially the first picture , Happy Vday <3 ! ;)

  3. these look so gorgeous and yummy!
    Happy V Day!
    Rianna Bethany x

  4. The chocolates look so cute, almost too cute to eat.

  5. in poland people send each other postcards with some loving poems or give flowers, provided that they are in love.



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