New brown hair

coat; KariAng
loose top, earrings; I got in Seoul
silk maxi dress; duras ambient
boots; united nude
bag; dries van notten
scarf; Dior vintage
shades; celine

New hair color; Dark brown.
I dyed and cut my hair about 10days ago.
I took these pics after hair salon.
How do you think of my new hairstyle and color?
I'm wearing new celine shades, they are lovely color and shape.

Thnx so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
I check out all your comment and visit your blog if you have a blog.
But recently I can't, because I must work to the deadline!!!
Pleeease support me, lol. 


  1. oh your new hair colour is fab!

    and i love your sweater..looks so comfy :)


  2. this colour is great! looks just amazing on you :)

  3. Love you new haircolor! Looks really good on you ^^
    Also the bit of redness in the brown is really nice!

    and you look stylish as always :D

  4. your hair is gorgeous, i really love the bangs and the color...i wish my bangs would look like yours!
    love your outfit too!

    Fashion Bag 411

  5. This hair colour is so nice on you and I love this outfit, it looks so cosy! x

  6. you look great in this color too!!!



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