Sunny sunday walk around Daikanyama

jacket; DreAng
knit top; 291
maxi skirt; mango
vintage bag, earrings; Topshop
jacquard scarf; Zara
boots; rogan

Holiday walk.
One beautiful sunny day, I was walking to Shibuya from Daikanyama, Tokyo.
I often walk around there, but there are so many amazing stuff I can't find yet.
That day I found awesome sundry shops, strange building and a lovely cafe.

I was wearing my favorite jacquard scarf and camel maxi skirt.
Especially I love the combination of my skinny leather jacket and flared maxi skirt.
Flared maxi is perfect silhouette and fabric and I adore the yellowish camel color.

Well, weekend is coming soon. Enjoy your Friday!!!


  1. gorgeous photos!!! love your scarf ^^
    2nd photo: i believe it's a very cozy place i could stay there for hours ^^

  2. Beautiful outfit!
    And i know this place in Daikanyama!!!

  3. great outfit, that scarf and skirt are gorgeous! you have really pretty hair too, i love your bangs, i wish mine would look like them :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. you are so stylish! that´s all i can say!

  5. Heyy.
    Thank you for your visit ;) I added your blog.
    No. I went to Japan in 2006 and 2007. I would like to live in Japan but not for now.

    I love the color of your hair and your scarf is amazing.

    Kat (from Portugal)

  6. beautiful scarf and skirt! always love your photos of Japan :)


    kisses from Paris~



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