pretty heart and black skinny

leather jacket, beaded blouse; DreAng
heart jacquard cardigan, skinny pants, shoes; KariAng
bag; rosebad

Monochrome heart.
As you might know, I really love monochrome outfit.
I was wearing pretty heart jacquard cardigan and new black skinny I got 2 weeks ago.
I love this black cardigan because their heart pattern isn't look too cute.
Maybe you couldn't see well, my blouse are decorated with so many clear beads.
They sparkle well in the sunlight, but regrettably the day I shot those pics was cloudy.
I'd love to take pics again wearing this beaded blouse!


Red nails and new antique furniture

Fascinating Red.
I ordered this awesome antique furniture last month and I was waiting it for 3weeks.
It was British antique 'poach stand' used about 100 years ago.
I fell in love with this red furniture at first sight and I boldly bought it.
I put this lovely shelf in my living room and I enjoyed taking pics in front of it.
I was wearing new KariAng long shirt and new gel nails did myself.
I adore matching their red colors. 


flat mouton boots in Shibuya back alley

jersey tunic; KariAng
polka dots mini; I got in Seoul
mouton boots; emu
bag; my mom's vintage

Relax holiday.
I'm wearing a loose jersey top and polka dots flared mini.
The day I took these pics was little warm, so I was in mouton short boots bare legs.
I seldom wear flat shoes because my height is really short.
But recently I'm hooked in those fluffy mouton boots.
The combination of flat boots and flared mini is cute, isn't it?


dressed up in white wedding party

dress; DreAng
earrings; KariAng
bag; chanel
boots; epicurien

White evening.
I dressed up on last Friday for my friend's wedding party.
It was awesome evening because there was the first snowfall of this year in Tokyo.
I was wearing white chiffon maxi dress printed black stars that is my latest design.
This printed chiffon is so soft and I adore the beautiful curved hem.
I enjoyed first snow and white wedding party, really amazing night.
I want to dress up whenever I have the opportunity.
But regrettably, there isn't so much party in Japan.


New brown hair

coat; KariAng
loose top, earrings; I got in Seoul
silk maxi dress; duras ambient
boots; united nude
bag; dries van notten
scarf; Dior vintage
shades; celine

New hair color; Dark brown.
I dyed and cut my hair about 10days ago.
I took these pics after hair salon.
How do you think of my new hairstyle and color?
I'm wearing new celine shades, they are lovely color and shape.

Thnx so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
I check out all your comment and visit your blog if you have a blog.
But recently I can't, because I must work to the deadline!!!
Pleeease support me, lol. 


Quiet seaside in Odaiba

jacket, jersey top, denim, earrings; KariAng
cardigan; Y's
scarf; filly o'lynx
scarf as belt; American Apperel
fur boots; DreAng
bag; Chloe
earmuffs; Lanvin

Beautiful seaside.
I took a substitute holiday and I went to Odaiba with my hubby on the end of last month.
Odaiba is the nearest shore from Tokyo downtown.
There is a popular sightseeing place and so crowded in holidays.
On weekdays morning, Odaiba was so quiet and peaceful.
I felt I and my hubby were keeping the beautiful seaside to ourselves and we took those lovely pics.
I was wearing new KariAng military jacket and denim pants.
Especially I adore beaded decoration at my chest of my jacket.


Sunny sunday walk around Daikanyama

jacket; DreAng
knit top; 291
maxi skirt; mango
vintage bag, earrings; Topshop
jacquard scarf; Zara
boots; rogan

Holiday walk.
One beautiful sunny day, I was walking to Shibuya from Daikanyama, Tokyo.
I often walk around there, but there are so many amazing stuff I can't find yet.
That day I found awesome sundry shops, strange building and a lovely cafe.

I was wearing my favorite jacquard scarf and camel maxi skirt.
Especially I love the combination of my skinny leather jacket and flared maxi skirt.
Flared maxi is perfect silhouette and fabric and I adore the yellowish camel color.

Well, weekend is coming soon. Enjoy your Friday!!!


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